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When the country fails?

When the rulers do not want the power to change the rulers in the hands of the people, the rulers …

Top 5 tips or ways to reduce and break children's smartphone addiction

At present, many children in world are spending extra time on smartphones. This not only damages th…

Why learn another language, learn the mother tongue: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasized on the preservation of all languages ​​of the world. &q…

China faces important decisions

The rise of China has created the conditions for President Xi Jinping to make some important deci…

Still 176 campuses without Shaheed Minar

There is no Shaheed Minar in 17 public and private educational institutions of Beanibazar upazila…

Barisal University students block the road

Students of Barisal University (BOB) have again blocked the highway after a 48-hour ultimatum for…

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