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Shahrukh khan Biography, net worth, age, movies, height, wife & more

Shah Rukh Khan (pronounced born two Nov 1965, additionally glorious by the initialism SRK, is asso…

Unknown facts about Kundali Bhag Serial Shows

Kundali Bhag  is Associate in Nursing Indian romantic drama tv series that premiered on twelve July…

Top 5 unknown and interesting facts about PUBG

Top 5 unknown facts about PUBG 1.   Winner Winner Chicken Dinner We all crave for this phrase to in…

How history will remember Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

As a child, his relatives used to call him Khoka. Nana named him Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He got invo…

Jack Ma's company also collapsed in China

Jack Ma, founder of e-commerce company Alibaba, gave a speech last October criticizing the gover…

Nasir's Marriage Controversy: What Nasir Hossain and Tamima Sultana said about the allegations

The couple held a press conference after a case was filed against cricketer Nasir Hossain and his…

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