Bangladeshi garment supplier group won a case worth Tk 337 crore

A group of Bangladeshi-made garment suppliers has won a 40 million, or more than  338.47 million, lawsuit against Sears, a US clothing giant. This group has 21 members. Forbes, a US economic magazine, reported on Saturday. It said the corona virus epidemic and the unethical business practices of Western giant buyers have severely damaged the suppliers of these Bangladeshi garments. 

As a result, they sued Sears, a US-based company. They have won a rare victory of more than 4 crore dollars in that case. Lawyer Joseph E. filed the case last June on behalf of 21 Bangladeshi organizations. Sarachek. He said that the retail buyer has left the Bangladeshi garment suppliers in a desperate situation.

Sears have been hesitant to pay their dues since last summer. In addition, several times it has put them in a more complicated situation. As a result, these institutions went bankrupt.

After winning the case, lawyer Sarachek confirmed that his clients would get their money back through an agreement with Transformco. Transformco is a private company. It was founded by ESL Investments of US billionaire Edward Lamperts. Last year they invested money to save Sears and Comfort from bankruptcy.

Sears went bankrupt at one point. Many companies owe them money. But leaving the suppliers in such a state, Sears removed themselves. As a result, the Bangladeshi suppliers filed a case against them against the canceled order. Many of these companies have sewn garments worth about 6 million before the order was canceled and sent shipments to Sears. They were given an initial payment last September. This enabled them to protect themselves from certain financial disasters.

 According to lawyers representing the factory owners, the cancellation of the order caused a humanitarian catastrophe in Bangladesh and other parts of Asia. But it's not just Sears who has done it alone. That's what big brands and retailers have done. These include Forever 21, Rose Dress for Lace, The Children's Palace, Kohls KSS, Global Brands Group and Arcadia. They did not pay the factories ৪ 4 billion, even though the goods were ready. As a result, many factories are on the verge of bankruptcy. As a result, they have been forced to push the workers on the streets without pay in some cases.

But at least two dozen other big brands, including H&M, PVH, VF Corporation VFC, Zara and C&A, reinstated their orders last year in the face of international pressure. In contrast paid. However, the 2 billion product that was made before the Corona epidemic has not yet been paid.

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