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Facebook on the way to the anti-trust lawsuit against Apple

If  Facebook sues in the end, another issue that may come up is that Apple does not recognize any third party messaging service other than iMessage as the default messaging service on its device.

Facebook claims that Apple's upcoming ad-tracking changes will give the company an "unfair advantage" in displaying ads in the App Store and elsewhere.

Technology blog Engadget has mentioned that the new policy will not apply to Apple's app. Apple, however, argued that they do not share data with any third party. The technology giant in the US says it has come up with new policies to protect users' privacy.

The potential case could follow the path of another separate case. Epic Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple last year. The company appeared in court to change Apple's business practices and to stop Apple sales and in-app purchases.

At that time, Facebook itself supported the epic game. Facebook has even said it will provide some internal documents in support of Epic's case.

Like Epic, Facebook can sue not only for financial compensation, but also for changes to App Store rules. Various sources say that the social media organization is asking other organizations to join the case. However, those sources did not agree to reveal their names. Apart from this, it is not yet certain whether Facebook will file a case at all.

According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, a different opinion has come from inside Facebook about the case. Their fear is that, as Facebook says, Apple's policy could reduce the revenue of small businesses, it will be difficult to explain to the general public. Everyone will assume that Facebook has gone the way of the case because it did not get the benefit of its own income.

Apple has stated in support of its policy that it does not hold the largest share of the smartphone market and that the App Store policy will reduce the risk of malware and scams.

Over the years, the two organizations have made various allegations against each other. Facebook-owned WhatsApp had previously complained that Apple was behaving in a biased manner when it came to labeling data privacy in iOS.

Apple's plan to limit cross-site and cross-app tracking for advertising purposes could have an impact on advertising revenue, Chief Financial Officer Dave Weiner said while announcing Facebook's marginal revenue on Wednesday.

Apple's plan is expected to take effect this year

On the other hand, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also raised his finger against Apple. According to him, "iMessage" does not store human messages in an "end-to-end encryption process, unless iCloud is being shut down." He also claimed that WhatsApp is "clearly ahead" in this regard.

Both companies are under antitrust investigation by regulators. Facebook was sued last month by the Federal Trade Commission and most U.S. state attorneys general. According to them, Facebook has acted anti-competitive by buying rival services Instagram and WhatsApp. They want to change the whole thing. Apple, on the other hand, is going through an EU antitrust investigation. The company is also facing another separate investigation by the US Justice Department.

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