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Still 176 campuses without Shaheed Minar

There is no Shaheed Minar in 17 public and private educational institutions of Beanibazar upazila. The students of these institutions are not able to show respect to the language martyrs. Among these educational institutions without Shaheed Minar in the upazila, there are 140 government primary schools and 37 secondary schools and madrasas.

According to the Upazila Primary Education Office, there are 150 government primary schools in Beanibazar Upazila with nationalization. Only 10 of them have Shaheed Minar. Thus the schools without Shaheed Minar for a long time.

According to the Upazila Secondary Education Office, there are 72 educational institutions under their control in Beanibazar Upazila. Of these, 45 are secondary schools and 18 are madrasas. There are Shaheed Minar in only 26 of these educational institutions.

Khaled Saifuddin Jafri, president of Beanibazar Upazila Primary Assistant Teachers' Association, said the schools do not have Shaheed Minar. Students cannot pay homage to the language martyrs. However, I have learned that the government has taken initiative to build Shaheed Minar in educational institutions. If this decision of the government is implemented, the students will be able to know more about the language soldiers when they see the Shaheed Minar in front of their eyes.

Ashraful Islam, Upazila Assistant Primary Education Officer, said no money had been allocated in the past for the construction of Shaheed Minar in primary schools. So despite our desire, we could not take the initiative to build the Shaheed Minar. Necessary steps will be taken in this regard if it is allocated by the government.

Upazila Secondary Education Officer Mouldur Rahman said it is important to have a Shaheed Minar in the educational institution. But there is no official allocation for the construction of Shaheed Minar. That is why no action can be taken in this regard. However, the list of educational institutions without Shaheed Minar will be sent if the government gives instructions.

Mohammad Hasanuzzaman, upazila engineer of the local government department, said, "We have not yet received instructions from the government to build Shaheed Minar in schools." I will be able to build the Shaheed Minar as soon as I get the instructions. In that case we have to allocate extra money officially. But as far as I know very soon we can get an instruction in this regard.

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