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Top 5 tips or ways to reduce and break children smartphone addiction

At present, many children in world are spending extra time on smartphones. This not only damages their eyes, but also hinders their overall development. Many parents use smartphones while feeding their babies. This is the time when children passively stare at the screen. Even when parents and children are together, everyone is busy on their smartphones. Besides, there is no communication with each other. The matter is worrying.

In 2019, a panel of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) gave guidelines on how children under the age of five should spend more time on screen, reduce their sitting, get more sleep and spend more time in active play. There is no need for screen time (watching television, video or anything on the internet) until the age of one. Two- to four-year-olds can spend a maximum of one hour a day on screen, but less is better. Children of all ages need adequate sleep and sports.

A sedentary lifestyle (when most of the time is spent sitting) kills half a billion people of all ages worldwide every year. At present, more than 23 percent of adults and 60 percent of adolescents are not physically active enough. A big reason for spending extra time on the screen.

Many parents in world complain about their children's smartphone addiction. The question is, who is responsible? Parents decide what their children will eat, what school they will go to, what toys they will play with, and how they will spend their leisure time. Even if a child is allowed to use a smartphone at a certain age, it is the responsibility of the parents to give proper instructions for its use.

In some western countries, the initiative to reduce the extra time spent on children's screens has been taken long ago. However, in recent times, it has been emphasized that adults need to reduce their phone addiction. After enrolling in schools in several places, teachers realize that many children do not have communication skills according to their age. Some have not even learned to speak. As the use of smartphones increases, the attention of parents towards their children decreases. They are not giving time to play games, tell stories, talk with children. Children are not getting enough stimulation. As a result, the child's emotional and intellectual development is being hampered. There is also a tendency to unnecessarily quarrel with the child when interrupted while busy with the smartphone, which in the long run catches the cracks about the child with the parents.

University of Michigan said. Jenny Radesky and the University of Wisconsin. Megan Moreno points out in a research article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics (2016) that children learn to use smartphones from their parents. So parents should use smartphones in moderation and spend time with family members. You need to be without any electronic device for some time of the day. It is better not to use smartphone while eating and talking with the whole family.

Technology is not good or bad. Depending on how we use it, it will be beneficial for our lives. If a task can be done quickly with a smartphone or if something is enjoyed together with the children through it, then it will play a positive role.

Are most parents in world aware of the negative consequences of children spending too much time on screen and living a sedentary life? There are a few things parents need to keep in mind

How to break smartphone addiction Top 5 tips

1. Children learn by watching adults. If parents spend less time on laptops, smartphones, televisions, children will also spend less time on it.

2. Playing with children, reading books, telling stories can be spent happily in many ways. When parents give their children time, they should pay full attention. Answering a child's question over the phone is a form of negligence; Which is not conducive to their development.

3. Once a habit is formed, it is difficult to change it. From the beginning, children need to be taught moderate use of electronic devices.

4. Inactive screen time is extremely harmful for children. Young children need to talk to them while showing something on the screen; They need to be encouraged to ask questions. It will play a role in teaching them.

5. Children should be made interested in various subjects including reading books, sports, drawing so that they can spend time on their own and not rely on electronic devices.

World Health Organization childhood obesity and physical activity specialist said. Jana Williamson said, ‘Sports need to be brought back into the lives of children. In addition to ensuring adequate sleep, idle time needs to be converted into sports time. 'Our country is occupying the playground and using it for commercial purposes. Local area-based cultural activities are stagnant. Children get lost under the pressure of doing well in exams. This situation must change. Parents need to play a role in controlling the time they spend with themselves and their children. Besides, it is the responsibility of the state to make arrangements for the participation of children in sports and creative activities. The full development of children should be a priority of the state and sufficient investment is required for that goal. Social and cultural organizations need to come forward so that children can spend time happily.

It is very important for children to be aware of the harmful aspects of smartphone addiction and to take steps to prevent it. It's not too late.


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