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Nasir Tamima Marriage Photo

The couple held a press conference after a case was filed against cricketer Nasir Hossain and his wife Tamima Sultana in the CMM court in Dhaka for marrying one's wife without divorce as per law.

Cricketer at the press conference. Hossain and his wife both spoke.

During the press conference which lasted for about half an hour, both of them claimed that the allegation of Rakib Hasan, the first husband of Tamima Sultana, was false.

At the press conference, Nasir Hossain said that Tamima was divorced as per the rules, and he decided to get married after knowing everything about Tamima's marriage and children.

"What we did in the 'legal way', we didn't do anything illegal. We turned out well enough, so we acted legally," he said.

Nasir Hossain said that 'legal action' would be taken if anything wrong and 'contradictory' was spread about Tamima through media and social media.

They have mentioned that the families of the two of them are suffering in the whole matter.

Nasir Hossain has also said that a defamation suit will be filed against Tamima's first husband Rakib Hasan.

Nasir Tamima Marriage Photo

Case against cricketer Nasir, PBI directed to investigate

At the press conference, Nasir Hossain's wife Tamima said that she got divorced from Rakib Hasan in 2016.

At the press conference they showed a copy of the divorce to reporters.

Tamima says she had their only daughter with her until 2019. Then in 2019, Rakib Hasan's family took the child to their home.

"I only have one daughter, except for what she (Rakib) is saying, everything is a lie," he said.

Earlier in the day, Tamima's first husband Rakib Hasan filed a case against cricketer Nasir Hossain and his wife Tamima Sultana in the Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's Court.

Mr. Hasan Tamima has been talking to the media for the last few days claiming Sultana as his wife. The issue is also being widely discussed through social media in Bangladesh.

Noting that he did not know anything about the case at the press conference, Nasir Hossain said, "If there is a case, they will deal with the matter legally."

Tamima Sultana and Nasir Hossain tied the knot on February 14 at a restaurant in Dhaka.

Mr. Hasan's lawyer Ishrat Hasan told BBC Bangla that the court had accepted the statement of Rakib Hasan, the 'husband of Tamima Sultana'.

The court directed the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate the matter.

The PBI has been asked to submit the investigation report to the court by March 30.

Earlier, Rakib Hasan had lodged a GD with the police station.

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